Hi, I’m Simon O'Corra

I have been writing for decades, with a focus on script and screen writing for the last six years. I have also been a dancer and painter.

During the Covid-19 pandemic I started a project entitled Lockdown Monologues, the aim of which was to write 200 monologues for actors at this difficult time. I completed all 200 by the end of our lockdown in mid May 2020 here in Spain andwe have all of the completed films returned and visible on my own site, www.fromwordstoaction.com

From this project and the contacts I have made with the actors all at different stages in their careers, I recognised that for many actors it was difficult to get a foot on the first rung to being a success, so I had the idea to start Getscene - a project open to all and also devoted to developing links in the theatre and film industries.

I am pleased to say that I have been joined by two other founding members, Nigel Bray and Tracie Fox and together we aim to collaborate with actors and link with other services in theatre and film, and to be a part of a much needed renaissance in performing arts post Covid-19.

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The life of a storyteller.


That’s me! I am a storyteller and what a joy it is. I go to my office each morning, yes every morning, and depending on what commissions I have and my own personal projects which are in development I crack on, day in day out. That is how I wrote 200 monologues during lockdown. I focussed, not in an urgent or pressured way but just steadfastly, creating pieces regularly. My monologues are always bespoke and I take great pleasure in meeting the needs of actors etc. I can have an idea from them, or can be presented with an object or photograph by them to weave a story from. I don’t need a mass of detail either; it’s often how I create a piece, just by thinking about a line in a piece where everything changes for the character. Then I work outward so to speak, from that line to a before and after scenario. Then once the piece is complete it is handed over and is then up to the actor to interpret the work and give it flesh and bones and some motivation. Many of my monologues have developed into longer pieces as a result of how a particular actor has interpreted them.


All I ask is to be credited as the writer, it means a lot to me, for people to know my words were the inspiration.

What you can expect in detail:

I will open up initial communication with you and find out what you are looking for and the reasons why you are seeking to have something written. From here I will also determine the specifics of the piece asked for and I then write it and allocate some time to discuss it with you, making alterations where needed. I then ask you to film the work and upon my receiving this initial film I can give you feedback and pointers to consider before creating the final draft film.

I will be with you every step of the way, from idea to performance.

This is the place to come for a

bespoke, hand-written

monologues, duologues, short scenes,

and full plays and screenplays.

​I provide a writing service to actors, directors and productions companies.

​ ​

I am happy to discuss exactly what you need. We have a director service too, where you can go and discuss the performance with an experienced director.

There is also a mentoring service, where you can go for advice on how to move forward with your acting career. 

After you have filmed your script, I provide an after service where we can edit, change, refine and finesse the piece. 

Its all in the service!





True Stories?



Anything you need, I can provide.


Monologue - £25, $30, €27.50

Duologue - £75, $95,  €85

Short Scenes, multiple actors - price on demand

Full Plays, Screenplays - price on demand









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Many many thanks to the wonderful actors who took part in this huge project.
200 monologues to browse....
Email: socorra@mac.com

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